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An important part of our Club charter is to run an active Cesky Terrier rescue program.  We are committed to ensuring that no Cesky Terrier is abandoned in a time of need.  

Milosh, one of our first rescues

The purpose of NCTCA Cesky Rescue is to aid any Cesky Terrier who may need an advocate to act in his best interests.  Cesky Rescue will provide foster care, veterinary treatment and temperament evaluation before placing any Cesky Terrier in a new home.  Most dogs will be neutered or spayed before going to their new homes.  Cesky Rescue will not purchase dogs.  This service is for dogs whose breeder is unknown or unable to help any dog of their breeding.  The NCTCA maintains that all breeders must be responsible for all dogs bred by them throughout the lifetime of the dogs.  

NCTCA Cesky Rescue is part of a not-for-profit organization and relies on donations to the NCTCA Rescue Fund.  When a dog is relinquished, a donation is usually requested.  Those who adopt rescues are also asked for a donation to offset costs incurred while the dog was under the care of the rescue program.

Additional donations from individuals are always greatly appreciated.

Often people looking for a rescue Cesky want a young dog, most requested being a 2 year old female.  Please keep in mind that rescues come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and condition.  Consider opening your heart to an older rescue, or one that has medical or behavioral issues.  These dogs can have so much to offer, and you will be repaid many times over for your kindness.

Milosh, 11 years old in Sept 2004


We have had several rescue situations over the years, but fortunately they have not been that common.  We thank our members for their generosity in supporting rescues in the past, and for rising to the occasion when Cesky Terriers have needed their assistance.  As the breed gains popularity, an unfortunate consequence is more dogs in rescue, so ongoing support of rescue is always critical.

If you are interested in adopting, fostering, assisting, or know of a Cesky in need, please get in touch with one of our rescue contacts listed below:

Rescue Chair: 

Bob Jones
1310 Utah Street
Houston, TX 77007

(713) 269-9579 

Rescue Contacts (alphabetically by State)

Margot Joynes
(941) 792-7663 

Barbara Tubbs
(904) 287-3087 

Seth Copeland

(404) 252-6405

Judi Uhrman 
ph (301) 330-9701

Barbara Pagurek-Hopler
ph (973) 586-3033 
fax (973)-627-0327

Lynne Yackel
(315) 458-1898 

Janice Shilts
(419) 874-5181 

How Can You Help?

There are many ways you can help with our rescue efforts:

bulletWe need volunteers in different areas of the country who can identify possible Cesky Terriers reported in shelters.
bulletWe need people willing to foster a Cesky in need.
bulletWe need donations to the rescue fund to help fund the interim care for Cesky Terriers in the rescue program.
bulletWe need loving homes willing to adopt a Cesky who needs a second chance.

Downloadable Rescue Forms (available in PDF or Word Formats)

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format:  Click to download your free Adobe Acrobat Reader.  

Application to Adopt a Rescue Cesky Terrier

Adoption Contract

Application to Foster a Rescue Cesky

Surrender a Cesky Terrier to ACTC Rescue

MS Word or compatible program:  

NOTE:  If you get a pop up window asking for an ID and Password, just hit cancel and continue.

Application to Adopt a Rescue Cesky Terrier

Adoption Contract

Application to Foster a Rescue Cesky

Surrender a Cesky Terrier to ACTC Rescue



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