In memory of

Robert W Jones
Owner of Cheeky Ceskys

"For the love of the breed"

Cesky Terriers

Bob brought our first Cesky Terrier home on July 4, 2000. We wanted a companion for what we called our ‘West Texas Border Terrier,’ Celeste. I said please get a mature female. Bob brought home a male puppy, Manfred. Three years later we acquired Gidget (the puppy in the flower pot). Manfred and Gidget, both Canadian Champions, produced ten puppies in all. Most are loved pets. Two of their puppies also enjoyed the show ring as Manfred surely did. Juliana also produced puppies, one of which is an AKC champion.

 Bob was also involved with the original Cesky club in America which is no longer functioning. For any business involving the National Cesky Terrier Club of America or if you have a Cesky Terrier in need of rescue or re-homing, please contact the following e-mail address:

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Our friend and handler

Joanne is the handler for Manfred and Gidget in the photo show. She was also an influence for our kennel name, Cheeky Ceskys. Thank you, Joanne.

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